Karen Bourrier is Lecturer at Boston University.  Her book, Strength out of Weakness: Disability and Masculinity in Victorian Fiction, is forthcoming from University of Michigan Press.  Her articles have appeared in journals such as Victorian Literature and Culture, Prose Studies, Nineteenth-Century ContextsDickens Studies Annual, and the Victorian Review. She has edited a special issue of Women’s Writing on the best-selling Victorian author, Dinah Craik.  She is project director of digital resource forthcoming in NINESNineteenth-Century Disability:  Cultures and Contexts, available at www.nineteenthcenturydisability.org. She received her PhD from Cornell University in 2009.  Her research interests include Victorian literature and culture, disability studies, the digital humanities, and women’s writing.

At Boston University, she teaches two first-year writing seminars growing out of these research interests:  “Disability in Contemporary American Culture” and “Revisiting Fairy Tales”.  She also teaches “Modernism and its Discontents” in the Kilichand Honors College.